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HeroQuest Game System
HeroQuest Kellar's Keep HeroQuest Return of the Witchlord
HeroQuest Against the Ogre Horde HeroQuest Wizards of Morcar
HeroQuest Mage of the Mirror HeroQuest The Frozen Horror
HeroQuest Adventure Design Kit

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NES Prototype

HeroQuest Cartridge



HeroQuest Q1 HeroQuest Q1M HeroQuest Q2
HeroQuest Q2M HeroQuest Q3 HeroQuest Q3M
HeroQuest Q4 HeroQuest Q4M HeroQuest Q5
HeroQuest Q5M HeroQuest Q6 HeroQuest Q6M
HeroQuest Q7 HeroQuest Q7M HeroQuest Q8
HeroQuest Q8M HeroQuest Q9 HeroQuest Q9M
HeroQuest Q10 HeroQuest Q10M HeroQuest Q11
HeroQuest Q11M HeroQuest Q12 HeroQuest Q12M
HeroQuest Q13 HeroQuest Q13M HeroQuest Q14
HeroQuest Q14M HeroQuest WL1 HeroQuest WL1M
HeroQuest WL2 HeroQuest WL2M HeroQuest WL3
HeroQuest WL3M HeroQuest WL4 HeroQuest WL4M
HeroQuest WL5 HeroQuest WL5M HeroQuest WL6
HeroQuest WL6M HeroQuest WL7 HeroQuest WL7M
HeroQuest WL8 HeroQuest WL8M HeroQuest WL9
HeroQuest WL9M HeroQuest WL10 HeroQuest WL10M

Menu and In-Game Screens

HeroQuest Title Screen HeroQuest Player Select HeroQuest Character Select

Title Screen

Player Select

Character Select

HeroQuest Character Name HeroQuest Introduction Screen 1 HeroQuest Introduction Screen 2

Character Name

Introduction Screen One

Introduction Screen Two

HeroQuest Introduction Screen 3 HeroQuest Introduction Screen 4 HeroQuest Introduction Screen 5

Introduction Screen Three

Introduction Screen Four

Introduction Screen Five

HeroQuest Introduction Screen 6 HeroQuest Introduction Screen 7 HeroQuest Introduction Screen 8

Introduction Screen Six

Introduction Screen Seven

Introduction Screen Eight

HeroQuest Quest or Armoury HeroQuest Armoury HeroQuest Spell College Selection

Quest or Armoury


Spell College Selection

HeroQuest Quest Select 1 HeroQuest Quest Select 2 HeroQuest Muggle's Screen

Quest Select One

Quest Select Two

Muggle's Screen

HeroQuest Spellcaster's Screen HeroQuest Attacking a Goblin HeroQuest Successful Attack

Spellcaster's Screen

Attacking a Goblin

Successful Attack

HeroQuest Treasure - Holy Water HeroQuest Equipment Screen HeroQuest Spell Screen

Treasure - Holy Water

Equipment Screen

Spell Screen

HeroQuest No Traps or Secret Doors HeroQuest Chaos Warriors HeroQuest Attacking a Chaos Warrior

No Traps or Secret Doors

Chaos Warriors

Attacking a Chaos Warrior

HeroQuest Attacking a Gargoyle HeroQuest Attacking an Orc HeroQuest The Orc Survives

Attacking a Gargoyle

Attacking an Orc

The Orc Survives

HeroQuest Attacking a Mummy HeroQuest Attacking a Skeleton HeroQuest Casting a Fire Spell - Success!

Attacking a Mummy

Attacking a Skeleton

Casting a Fire Spell - Success!

HeroQuest Treasure - Gold HeroQuest Verag Defeated HeroQuest Safe Escape

Treasure - Gold

Verag Defeated

Safe Escape

HeroQuest Exit Survivors HeroQuest Quest 1 Complete HeroQuest Attacking a Fimir

Exit Survivors

Quest One Complete

Attacking a Fimir

HeroQuest Casting a Fire Spell - Failure! HeroQuest Sir Ragnar Found! HeroQuest Sir Ragnar

Casting a Fire Spell - Failure!

Sir Ragnar Found!

Sir Ragnar

HeroQuest The Emperor Rewards HeroQuest Ulag Awaits HeroQuest Ulag Slain

The Emperor Rewards

Ulag Awaits

Ulag Slain

HeroQuest Trapped Chest HeroQuest Nothing HeroQuest The Emperor Rewards Again

Trapped Chest


The Emperor Rewards Again

HeroQuest Quest Failed HeroQuest Secret Door Discovered HeroQuest Pit Trap Discovered

Quest Failed

Secret Door Discovered

Pit Trap Discovered

HeroQuest Pit Trap Found the Hard Way HeroQuest Switch Your Weapons HeroQuest New Weapon Equipped

Pit Trap Found the Hard Way

Switch Your Weapons

New Weapon Equipped

HeroQuest Stolen Equipment Found HeroQuest Wardoz, er, Karlen a Zombie! HeroQuest The Emperor Rewards Bad News Too!

Stolen Equipment Found

Wardoz, er, Karlen a Zombie!

The Emperor Rewards Bad News Too!

HeroQuest Balur's Executioner Rewarded HeroQuest Shopping at the Armoury HeroQuest Trying on the New Goods

Balur's Executioner Rewarded

Shopping at the Armoury

Trying on the New Goods

HeroQuest Helmet Fits HeroQuest Ollar's Mine HeroQuest Grab Some Gold with Penalty

Helmet Fits

Ollar's Mine

Grab Some Gold with Penalty

HeroQuest Blast! Fool's Gold! HeroQuest Oops! You Broke It! HeroQuest A Wandering Monster

Blast! Fools Gold!

Oops! You Broke It!

A Wandering Monster

HeroQuest You Survive the Attack HeroQuest Wandering Monster, Wanders Off HeroQuest Grab a Potion

You Survive the Attack

Wandering Monster, Wanders Off

Grab a Potion

HeroQuest Holy Water is Great HeroQuest The Spirit Blade, at Last! HeroQuest Spirit Blade in Hand

Holy Water is Great

The Spirit Blade, at Last!

Spirit Blade in Hand

HeroQuest Spend Some More HeroQuest Where'd He Go? HeroQuest Immunity

Spend Some More

Where'd He Go?


HeroQuest Attacking the Witch Lord HeroQuest Bah! Ambush! HeroQuest The Revolving Room

Attacking the Witch Lord
(Who Looks Strangely Like a Chaos Warrior)

Bah! Ambush!

The Revolving Room

HeroQuest What!? Shields and Two-Handed Weapons Don't Mix!? HeroQuest Breath of Chaos HeroQuest The Breath Moves

What!? Shields and Two-Handed Weapons Don't Mix!?

Breath of Chaos

The Breath Moves
(Top Left Corner)

HeroQuest Inside Solid Rock HeroQuest The Table Moves? HeroQuest Cursed!

Inside Solid Rock

The Table Moves?


HeroQuest The Forgotten Legion HeroQuest Kessandria, the Witch Queen HeroQuest Court of the Witch Lord

The Forgotten Legion

Kessandria, the Witch Queen

Court of the Witch Lord

HeroQuest Daggers Don't Work HeroQuest The Witch Lord Reigns HeroQuest Death Becomes You

Daggers Don't Work

The Witch Lord Reigns

Death Becomes You

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