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Miniatures Painted by Ron Shirtz

The Heroes

HeroQuest Barbarian HeroQuest Dwarf HeroQuest Elf HeroQuest Elf Wizard

Barbarian Warrior


Elven Warrior

Elf Wizard

A bit of plastic from my parts box and a jewellery bead were super-glued to spruce up the otherwise plain staff.

The Green Skins

HeroQuest Goblin HeroQuest Orc HeroQuest Fimir

Goblin with Spear

Customised HQ Orc

Fimir Champion

Figure customized by cutting off the arms, drilling holes in the hands and inserting a plastic rod for the shaft. The arms were super-glued on and shoulders were sculpted with 2-part epoxy ribbon. The spear tip was made by trimming and sanding the goblin's original sword.

Head, axe arm, & shoulder pads from various GW parts. Shield is from my kid's Lego box.

This Fimir has a customized Triple-Threat weapon: Spear, four-bladed axe and mace. His shield comes from the Lego box--with authentic looking dents made courtesy from my kids. With a morning star attached to his tail, this Fimir gets an extra two attack dice against opponents.

The Undead

HeroQuest Skeleton HeroQuest Zombie HeroQuest Mummy


Zombie with Axe


I removed the Zombie's cleaver head and replaced it with a Goblin axe head.

Chaos Elite

HeroQuest Chaos Warrior HeroQuest Gargoyle HeroQuest Chaos Warlock

Chaos Champion


Chaos Sorcerer

Weapon customized with extra Morning Stars from HQ Orcs.

I mounted his head higher to look more intimidating. This digital picture doesn't show the subtle shading, washes and highlights on his dark purple & copper color scheme. Taking good pictures of painted miniatures requires a close up lens, good lighting and lots of patience. While digital is not as detailed as film in capturing fine details, it does allow you to retake pictures without buying & developing a lot of film.

Sword from Warhammer 40K Chaos Close Combat sprue added.


HeroQuest Titans

Recognize these monsters? They appeared in McDonald's Happy Meals several years ago to promote the Disney movie Hercules. Just goes to show you how a little imagination and paint can make some awesome monsters to confront your Heroes.

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